Managing Personal Insurance Through COVID-19


COVID-19 will impact the way we manage our lives through most of 2021. This includes your personal insurance. We understand that you may be struggling at this time.

Homeowners Insurance

COVID-19 should not impact your homeowner’s insurance too much, but there are a few coverages that could be impacted because of the temporary lifestyle change. The changing circumstances definitely highlight the need for existing components in your policy like liability coverage, in addition to      coverage enhancements like a home business coverage endorsement if you moved your business to your house. You could be liable if someone gets COVID-19 while in your home.

Auto Insurance

U.S. insurers began to offer discounts and refunds on their customers’ auto insurance premiums. Now,       despite the fact that drivers have returned to the roads in many parts of the country, the pandemic’s reverberations on vehicle usage and insurance cover will likely continue into the future.

Life insurance

There has been no evidence of life insurers pulling out of the market, premiums have remained steady, and COVID-related claims are already being paid. Your policy will cover you if you pass away due to COVID-19. Life insurance companies cannot change the terms of coverage for active policies, so anyone who was     covered remains covered.

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This information in to be considered general in nature. All claims will be settled based on your actual policy terms and conditions.