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Stop Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

The holiday season is filled with fun, parties, food, gifts, overeating and unfortunately some risk. One of the fasted growing risks for many people are stolen packages by porch pirates.  According to proopertycasualtiy360, over 26 million packages are stolen during the holiday season.  Need more bad news? Your homeowners or renter’s insurance generally may not […]

The Holidays Bring Added Risk?

Personal Insurance Update Did you get an ugly tie or sweater last year for Christmas? If this Christmas is a repeat of last year, the good news is that you can exchange the gift for something you can use. However, many other ugly things can happen during the holidays that you may not be able […]

How To Shop Safely This Holiday Season

Halloween is over and that means we are in the middle of the holiday season.  During the next 45 days, we will all be busy shopping, eating out, and traveling.  Thieves know that the police are overloaded during the holiday season, and they take full advantage it.  Burglars know that there are many expensive items […]

Comprehensive Auto Insurance–What Can It Cover?

  Comprehensive Insurance Comprehensive insurance is a coverage that is part of your overall auto insurance program. Comprehensive is an optional coverage that protects you for losses that are not accident related. Some people opt to remove comprehensive coverage on old vehicles. While there may be some premium savings for doing this, we hope you […]

Does Bundling My Personal Insurance Make Sense?

Take a look at these insurance buying tips for bundling your home and auto insurance policies to ensure you get the best deal! When you have multiple types of insurance plans with the same insurance company, you have a “bundle” of policies. When you get a discount for bundling your policies with one insurance provider, […]

What Kind Of Personal Insurance Do I Need?

You put a lot of effort into building valuable assets and supporting your family’s lifestyle. When things go wrong, personal insurance can assist in safeguarding those assets and offer protection in the case of your dying. Allow our insurance specialists to examine your situation and establish the coverage and plans that are best for you […]

Do You Need Renters Insurance?

Why is Renters Insurance Important? You should be aware of the fact that only 32% of renters in the modern day have rental insurance, regardless of your level of education or whether you are the parent of a recent college graduate. This implies that the financial damages that renter’s insurance was designed to guard against […]