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Gasoline Theft Is On The Rise, What Can You Do?

We expect that when the price of gasoline rises, the number of occurrences of fuel theft from gas tanks will rise as well. It’s combustible, dangerous, and difficult to transport, but that hasn’t stopped thieves from attempting to obtain this increasingly valuable commodity. Gasoline. Not only is it inconvenient for victims of this crime, but it may also be costly, as criminals are resorting to methods such as drilling into gas tanks to obtain fuel.

Here are some tips to help you avoid being a victim of gas theft.

  • Although parking in the garage is the ideal option if you must park on the street, try to do so beneath the light of a street lamp. The brighter the light on your car, the more likely the burglar will move on to a less difficult target.
  • Your tank must be locked. Consider purchasing a gas cap lock to prevent a thief from quickly siphoning gas from your tank.
  • Face the road ahead of you. When parking, make sure the gas door is facing the street. Thieves are more inclined to avoid an automobile that exposes them to the gaze of passers-by.
  • If you’re parking in a garage, look for a place near the exit or elevator because those have the most visibility and foot activity.
  • Take a Ride. The parking areas at airports are a refuge for gas thieves. To prevent leaving your car unattended in long-term parking, obtain a ride to the airport when traveling.
  • Avoid parking for long periods of time anywhere. If you’re going on a trip, for example, take a taxi to the airport rather than leaving your car in a long-term parking lot for days on end.
  • As always, if you notice something strange, call the police.

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