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Choosing an insurance agency is an important decision. There are several key factors that have proven critical:

About Oakwood Insurance Agency


We believe in the dignity and importance of people.   We believe that every person and business should have the best insurance protection they can afford.  We believe that Independent Agencies will offer the best selection for all people with their various needs in the changing world we live in.  We believe in responsive customer service and ongoing education for our agents.  This enables us to best serve the customer by offering the proper protection and suggest appropriate amounts of insurance.



Competitive Rates

Because Oakwood represents a number of major insurance companies writing property, casualty, life and health, we get the value that volume can bring. We offer the best possible combination of coverage, price and service.



More Products and More Carriers

We get attention and respect from our insurance companies. As a result we have access to many programs and exclusive coverages.



Trained Staff

We make continuing education an integral part of our agency’s operations. We encourage and require staff members to participate in seminars and workshops designed at enhancing their account service skills. We strive to maintain the skills to exceed your expectations.



Research and Development

We must anticipate the future.  We engage in studying the issues, State mandated legal decisions and other factors that could affect your future insurance needs and our ability to meet those needs. 




Service is an integral part of Oakwood Insurance Agency’s standard operating procedures. Satisfied clients are our primary goal.  We strive for a timely resolution to issues that affect our customers. We do our best to return all calls within one business day.