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About Us

Oakwood operates as an independent insurance agency, selling an extensive spectrum of insurance to businesses, families, and individuals.  Our competitive advantage comes from the objective and professional service that we provide our access to a wide range of carriers, and our extensive knowledge of the insurance marketplace.  We offer to take the time to sit with our clients to review coverages and explain why the coverages are important for their particular need.

We offer competitive rates on home insurance, auto insurance and business insurance



Our Mission

Oakwood provides an in-depth range of insurance products and services to assist in securing our clients’ future.  We are an agency committed to excellence, founded on the principle of integrity.

Problem Solvers

One of the most important things an agent can do is truly understand your risks, then communicate with you in a way that helps you better understand what direction is best for you. Here are some problems that your business may have:

  • Obligations through leases or other legal contracts – There are many ways to address these risks; insurance may not be the best, or only, option for you.
  • Increased costs of your fleet operations – Did you know that one solution might be to develop a driver safety program? It can reduce fuel expenses and accidents.
The best way to solve a problem is to first understand it. To understand a problem involves asking questions, reviewing agreements, and visiting the facility or business. 



Today. Oakwood’s approach is one of total risk management, encompassing the areas of property and liability insurance, automotive insurance, worker’s compensation, professional liability, individual or group accident and health insurance, life insurance, contract surety bonds, and personal insurance.

We believe that a professional agent must do more that merely issue insurance on the client’s behalf. Besides determining and placing proper coverage with reputable insurance companies, we seek to educate our clients on coverage and to reduce, or transfer risk to the insuring company, and working closely with management team to protect and preserve assets. 

Oakwood is involved with numerous local communities as well as local, state and national insurance associations. The agency encourages employees to devote time to these endeavors.


In 1989, Oakwood’s founder, Bruce L. Sogn, set out to establish a business that would give him the opportunity to serve the community and to fulfill a need in the marketplace. Today as an independent insurance agency, Oakwood does just that.

After researching the insurance industry, he found that by becoming an independent insurance agent, he could offer a comprehensive range of insurance products and services to his clients. By maintaining focus on competitive products, Oakwood has kept its commitment to service, professionalism, and the highest integrity.



About Oakwood Insurance Agency